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Tips and tricks for HQ Gifs and under 500KB

1. First of all, use videos in HD, the difference is huge when sharpening or editing your GIF. This will make everything better for you when saving your GIF.

2. Be sure to scale your GIF down to 500PX wide.

3. Delete unnecessary frames. You shouldn’t have a lot of frames, the more frames you have, the bigger is the file size. If the GIF has more than 15 frames, it will end up more larger that 500KB

4. Crop out the parts of the GIF you don’t need.

5. Freezing the parts you don’t need, will lower the size of your GIF (x)

6. Changing the dither from 100% to 99% can make a big difference in size, but will not affect your picture quality 

7. Using Black and White coloring and yellow/green/orange coloring surely takes less space and will lower the size of your GIF.

8. Use dark colors by using selective color. ( Layer>New adjustment layer) Set it to black 50-70%. If the gif is too black, just reduce the blacks a little bit.

9. Sharpen your gif by selection each frame and layer. Go to Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen. Then go to edit>Fade sharpen. You can do this as many time as you want but don’t over sharp. I usually do it 2 or 3 times. Don’t sharpen if you are not using HQ videos because the difference will be huge and your GIF will look horrible

10. This is optional, but I always do it. Add a new layer above the adjustment layers (Curves, saturation,etc) and add a shade, I always use reds/oranges for this, but you can do this with the color you want. Just play around the opacity and the blend modes.

11. Make the coloring, darker, increase the levels, decrease the vibrance.


Smaller GIF: More frames, more colors,brighter gif. 

Bigger GIF: Less colors, less frames,darker gif.

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nakakairita na ang boyfriend ko !

BULLSHIT . ewan ko kung mahal ko pa ba siya or ewan. Basta na iirita talaga ako sa kanya . Palagi nlang nag tatanong kung sino ka chat ko , sino ka text ko ! ta’s pag sinagot ko na wala, siya lang mag tatanong na naman kung bakit wala ako’ng ka chat or ka text ! Pag sinabi ko naman na may chat ako kahit kaibigan ko lang agad na mag tatampo o kaya sasabihin na baka naka abala siya sa’kin. AAAAAAAAARGGGH . kakainis. Wala na nga ako’ng gana’ng mag reply sa kanya dahil sa ginagawa niya . 

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